Backed by rich experience in independent software testing services, tools and consulting, Factorloop helps in selecting the latest tools and technology that can be utilized as per the customer requirements at its best. We have an excellent blend of open source and commercial tools that ensure maximum benefits and prove to be cost-effective as well. Our comprehensive test management services include test planning, test case designing, test scenario writing, test framework development, and more.

Functional Testing

Factorloop’s Functional Testing Services guarantee quality software applications for enterprises across globe. Our functional testing services include testing the application to ensure seamless functionality against specifications defined by the client.  We ensure that the test objectives are aligned at each and every phase, so that the company achieves its overall business goals.

Performance Testing

Factorloop’s performance engineering team has the in-depth expertise to provide cutting-edge services. The end-to-end performance testing solution provided by Factorloop ensures application to be responsive and scalable. Factorloop’s performance testing includes performance engineering, baseline test, load test, stress test, product monitoring, and consulting.

Mobile Testing

Factorloop offers mobile testing services for a variety of mobile applications covering both functional and non-functional aspects. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise about the domain like banking, travel, insurance, retail, etc. helps us to leverage best tools and practices in the industry. Factorloop has a team of dedicated mobile testers with most of them holding certification in mobile testing.

Regression Testing

The result of regression testing plays a decisive role in how production environment will behave, i.e. if the result doesn’t come as planned, it could be disruptive. With the demand of frequent changes in the application, user behaviour is changing and becoming more and more dynamic. However, the development team has to deliver on such changes. Factorloop’s regression testing approach ensures minimal disruption with being cost-effective at the same time. Our experts ensure that the application doesn’t get impacted with the addition of some new features, i.e. the existing quality of the application is maintained.

 Compatibility Testing

Factorloop’s comprehensive compatibility testing can be performed on various platforms, browsers, databases, servers, hardware configuration, and more. Factorloop has a well equipped lab comprising of various mobile devices, operating system, hardware, and peripherals to cover a wide range of technical specifications. Our tie-up with various hardware and software vendors ensures quick availability of devices and configurations that we don’t have.

Security Testing

Security testing plays an essential part in the development strategy of an organization. Keeping in mind the frequent security breaches and the need to address that, Factorloop uses the latest industry standards and methodologies. Factorloop has rich expertise in performing security testing across different verticals. The penetration testing experts at Factorloop ensures minimized risks by exposing maximum vulnerabilities. We address mission-critical challenges faced by companies with key focus on network security, mobile app security, cloud app security, and code review.


Factorloop strives to be the best test automation provider. Backed by rich expertise and skill set, our test automation experts are capable of building and implementing test automation scripts and process frameworks. Our test automation strategy guarantees reduced time to market with significant return on investment (ROI). Our test automation framework uses the latest tools and technology, including some defect management tools that support most of the test automation tools.

Automation Methodology

Factorloop uses the right techniques and approach to identify manual tests that can be automated. The test automation methodology is well aligned with the Agile and DevOps environment that ensures consistent ROI.

Factorloop’s test automation activities include:

  • Small tests to reduce maintenance
  • Loose coupling of data and tests
  • Regular test suites review
  • Analyzing opportunities for delayed automation
  • Executing multiple regression tests
  • Automation backlog maintenance

Automation Testing Tools

Factorloop provides automation testing frameworks with the best use of the open source and commercial automation testing tools. We have the right expertise and experience to choose the best tool that best suits the clients’ requirement and provide them timely and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions are designed to work in diverse environments, ensuring that the system handles the expected load and performs seamlessly.

Functional Test Automation

Factorloop uses cutting-edge technology and tools to provide high-quality, robust, and cost-effective functional automation testing. Test automation experts at Factorloop are committed to provide the best quality assuring quick and consistent performance by adhering to the international standard for delivering high quality product. Our expertise in using a variety of open source and licensed tools help provide efficient functional testing services across the globe. We help clients to extend automation testing capabilities through our reusable scripts that allow automating text, graphics, and online user interfaces.

Functional Automation Framework

Factorloop has the expertise in providing effective solution that suits customer requirements through its robust functional testing framework. The functional automation testing framework created at Factorloop’s lab is low on maintenance and high on quality. Our testing experts have the proficiency of using both licensed and open source tools with latest technology. Moreover, by incorporating the best industry practices, we assure reliable and cost effective automated solutions for our clients.

Performance Testing Automation

Factorloop timely and cost-effective performance testing framework ensures that it meets all the performance parameters that are set. We strive to provide the best services by adhering to the international industry quality and ensure that we provide the best product with low cost maintenance and fewer bottlenecks. Our expertise in performance testing automation helps client with low development cost with support across multiple hardware and software. We use a number of licensed and open source tools at our lab to identify bugs in least possible time.

Performance Automation Framework

Factorloop team is expert in designing performance testing automation framework that ensures low cost with high product quality. With the expertise to use both open source and commercial tools like JMeter, WebLoad, NeoLoad, etc., we are adept in creating customized system testing automation framework that helps clients with reduced development cost and better output.


Test Management and Strategy

  • Software Test Management: With the advancement in technology and growing complexities in application testing, there is a continuous need to have an effective software test management. Moreover, it requires great effort to bring the team in coordination with the client’s requirement with the best tools and technology.
  • Test Cases Management & Strategy: Factorloop software test management process facilitates quick and smooth testing activities to achieve the set goals. We focus on identifying the best tools and skills starting from planning till delivery. This avoids any bottleneck in the system and also ensures great coordination in each phase of test cycle. We are adept in creating an impeccable test plan and use resources in the best possible way. Our software test management strategy is very flexible as it includes both open source and commercial tools and proves to be cost-effective.

Test Design and Process

  • Test Design & Approach: Our approach towards customized software test management methodology ensures coverage of entire client requirements. By our flexible approach we consider implementing the latest Behavioral Modelling technique to cover the maximum test cases and take all the required steps to ensure stability and functional consistency.
  • Test Models & Planning: We have the right expertise, which help clients to set test goals and plan the test activity to get the things done in less time and cost. We also help clients in rationalizing their test activities as per their requirements, which reflect the best test scenarios.
  • Test Process: We cater the need to manage the test process in a seamless manner through our software test management services. Factorloop test validation process incorporates test specification and strategy and adheres to sub-processes and process with main focus on quality.
  • Test Team & Communication: With proactive communication and coordination we assure the best possible result. We are very transparent in our approach where we brief our clients about the progress at each step. We also consider their feedback and implement them instantly.
  • Testing Estimation: With our flexible and dynamic approach we make a near perfect test evaluation before starting testing. We totally understand the organizational needs and are capable of assessing the advantages and disadvantages of various testing models. We are also proficient in bottom-up estimating techniques, which help identifying resources, time, and effort required to complete the testing activity.