Security testing plays an essential part in the development strategy of an organization. Keeping in mind the frequent security breaches and the need to address that, Factorloop uses the latest industry standards and methodologies.

Factorloop has rich expertise in performing security testing across different verticals. The penetration testing experts at Factorloop ensures minimized risks by exposing maximum vulnerabilities. We address mission-critical challenges faced by companies with key focus on network security, mobile app security, cloud app security, and code review. Some of the key points that make Factorloop an obvious choice for security testing include the following.

  • Certified ethical hackers
  • Domain specific logic tests
  • Manual verification
  • Intrusive testing

Security Testing Types and Techniques

Factorloop uses a number of licensed and open source tools for security testing.

  • Types: Security testing types include SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Broken Authentication and Session Management,¬†and more
  • Techniques: Factorloop implement the best techniques for security testing. Here, the test techniques are manually executed

Factorloop Security Testing Approach

Factorloop security testing approach includes the following steps.

  1. Discovering the possible threats that might come at each stage
  2. System is scanned for vulnerability using automated tools
  3. Vulnerability assessment is done based on the risks
  4. Security assessment is done to check system defects
  5. Penetration testing is done to simulate a malicious attack
  6. Auditing of the areas reported during security testing
  7. Detailed analysis and information validation